About Burly Q Bags


Burly Q Bags womens gym bagsBurly Q Bags are women's gym bags with a little bit of burlesque!

Standard gym bags are for smelly old sneakers, Burly-Q Bags  are for heels, feathers and shiny things (and also smelly old sneakers).

At Burly Q Bags, we love glitter, feathers, shiny things and sexy things as much as we love feeling fit! That's why we now design and manufacture a range of big, durable bags specifically for the dance fitness market (but anyone can play).

In the Studio or at the Gym, bring even more sexy with a bag designed to bring a touch of fun and flirtation to your workout routine. Big enough to carry your platforms, hair straightener, water bottle and all the other crazy things you throw in your gym bag!

Currently available in limited edition pink, keep an eye out for more exciting products to be added to the Burly Q Bags range.